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Electromechanics: Amtek launches a full range of D-SUB connector

A D-subminiature connector, also known as D-sub, is a ubiquitous connector type named for its distinetive D-shaped metal shell. It is used in a broad variety of applications from consumer products to satellite equipment.

Common applications in notebooks, desktop computers, projectors, set top boxes, dvd players, photocopier etc.

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Electromechanics: Amtek launches USB C-type cable

USB 3.1 Cable in diffrent colors (rose gold, gold and silver)

  • Enhanced EMI/RFI pervention
  • A new small reversible-plug connector for USB devices
  • Support power currents of 1,5 A and 3,0 A over the 5V power bus
  • Support high-speed, super speed and super speed plus up to 10Gbps
  • Support high-speed 480 Mbp, super speed Gen1 (5Gbp)/Gen2 (10 Gbps)

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Semiconductor: Third generation of Diotec Schottky-diodes

The third generation (-3G) of Diotec Schottky-diodes offer comparable parameters to the competitions Trench-MOS technology parts, but are in fact much better in reverse robustness. First samples are available now, starting with the LowVf version SL34SMA-3G having 3A/40V in SMA, up to the standard SK84-3G with 8A/40V in SMC. Also available are axial lead diodes with 12 to 30A and 40/45V, such as the 20SQ045-3G.