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Enclosures: Kradex our latest manufacturer

Kradex is the latest line of TRG franchised manufacturers. Kradex is a Polish manufacturer of plastic enclosures for such industries as electronic, electrotechnical and electrical.

One of the new lines by Kradex is av variety of hermetic enclosures. In this line there are many different enclosures for the customer to ues, where the application needs to be hermetically sealed and protected against humidity and dust.

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Electromechanics: Amtek launches a full range of D-SUB connector

A D-subminiature connector, also known as D-sub, is a ubiquitous connector type named for its distinetive D-shaped metal shell. It is used in a broad variety of applications from consumer products to satellite equipment.

Common applications in notebooks, desktop computers, projectors, set top boxes, dvd players, photocopier etc.

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