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About us

TRG Components has been a modern leader in sales and Distribution of electronic products for over 50 years. We strive to build lasting relationships by offering a unique blend of products and services from our offices in the US, Germany, the UK and Sweden.

TRG Components is committed to bridging the ever widening gap between supplier all over the world and end-user. By leadingedge products aimed at target applications found within our growing markets.  

Frenchised lines: Our sales department can help you with opto electronics, active and passive electronic components as well as electromechanical components. On this homepage you can search for our items in stock. If you don't find what you are looking for don´t hesitate to contact one of our sales engineers.

Express: Are you looking for obsolete components and need fast delivery? Than you should contact our Express-department. We assure you that we will do our best to find what you are looking for.

Quality and GDPR policy : For us, it is important that all companies within the TRG group deliver goods and services that meet the customer's expectations. The goal of the TRG Group's business development is that it should lead to a systematic improvement work focused on good supplier relationships, customer needs, employee engagement and well-being, and streamlining the company's processes.

How we achieve this:
• Products and services must meet the requirements and be delivered according to the order recognition or other agreement
• All companies within the TRG group take responsibility for their own business.
• All employees are engaged in continuous improvement work.
• Our goal is to always do the right thing from the beginning
• The customer should always be treated with respect and professionalism
• Improvement measures should be carefully followed up
• Clear and measurable goals for achieving set goals for improvement
Privacy Policy
With GDPR coming into effect 2018-05-25, TRG Components AB has reviewed its routines for digitally saving customer, supplier and personal data.
The management has come to the conclusion that we must inform our customers and suppliers about what information we save and why. In addition to the purposes, we have also elaborated on how long personal data will be stored.
In general, we can say that we save personal data in five places: business systems, mail clients, servers, backups and in the payroll system. If anyone wants and has the right to delete their personal data, this must be done at all physical locations where the information is stored.
The purpose of the data collection is divided into different categories: customer / order, customer / quotation, customer / order recognition and supplier / order.
Customer / order
When ordering from a customer, the client's personal data is stored in the company's business system Visma. Some of the personal data is also handled via mail. TRG collects the following personal data:
Name, telephone number, email address and address.
The personal data is saved to be able to communicate and offer the customer the best possible service. The personal data is saved for seven years after the last communication ends with the person in question or as long as the relevant product linked to the person in question is current. This is to be able to generate history in the event that future problems and complaints arise.
Customer / quote
When submitting a quotation, personal data is saved in the company's business system for up to one year.
The company collects the following personal data:
Name, telephone number, bank details, email address and address.
The personal data is saved in order to ensure that an agreement is executed correctly for the customer to be able to pay correctly so that TRG is paid for delivered products.
In the case of a purchase order, the recipient's personal information is saved in the company's business system. Personal data is also saved in mail form. These data are saved as long as the supplier is active. If the person in question finishes his / her job as a contact person, the personal data will be deleted within 6 months. The company collects the following personal data:
Name, telephone number, bank details, email address and address.
The personal data is saved in order to ensure that purchase agreements are implemented correctly, so that we can have a business relationship and pay, get paid and keep the communication between our companies.
Customers, employees and suppliers can at any time access the personal data we have stored in our system and have them corrected or deleted by contacting TRG Components AB



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